It’s the final countdown

Heading in to the final week before the official due date, August 1st.

For those curious about the relevance of the attached picture, it is a picture of the Swedish rock band “Europe”, best known for the mega-hit “The Final Countdown” in 1986 (right around the time I was born). Glorious – have a listen below before reading on.

Chances that I will be in the hospital in the next 7 days supporting my wife are 50%+.

Here’s a quick checklist I made of things to prepare as best I can for the imminent arrival of Junior (note that we already have a crib, diapers, wipes, change table, breast pump, and baby monitor – the list below are “last minute items” not staples)

  1. Hospital bag – things I will want to have handy as I look to spend a few hours to a few days in the hospital. This includes a good book, some snacks and a phone charger. My wife has a separate and much larger hospital bag ready.
  2. Food – I assume the first week will be crazy. We wanted to stock up the fridge, freezer and pantry so that grocery shopping is optional for at least 2 weeks.
  3. Numbers – of doulas, my wife’s parents, our doctor. I wanted to make sure I had the latest.
  4. Work – I want to make sure everyone I work with knows that I will be out for at least a week. I may be hard to reach over that time period, so if they need something from me, now is the time.
  5. Guest room / arrangements – we’re expecting family to join us after the baby is born. Given they are out of town, they’ll be staying at our place. We wanted to make sure the guest room / bathroom is setup.
  6. E-mail to friends and work – I figure the last thing I’ll want to do is come up with a clever e-mail when I’m in between feedings and changings on the first few days. I’ve drafted an e-mail so that it’s ready to add in a photo and hit send.

I can’t think of anything else I need at the moment. If I find that I missed something important or helpful during the birth process (which will become painfully obvious, I’m sure) I will update this post.